Data Miocene

Data for the DeepMIP-Miocene Group

Burls et al. (2021) synthesized available Miocene surface temperature reconstructions. A new synthesis of Middle Miocene terrestrial mean annual temperature (MAT) estimates can be found in their supporting information (additional excel file Table S1). Late, Middle and MCO SST estimates were compiled using published data sets, a summary of these data sets with links to their repositories has been complied in their supporting information (additional excel file Table S2). These datasets have also been archived in a Zenodo repository Note that there is a hosted at Stockholm University.

The synthesis of published Miocene SST records in Burls et al. (2021) formed the initial compilation of data for the Miocene Temperature Portal hosted at Stockholm University. This portal collates a growing list of key information about published Miocene sea surface temperature records to enable researchers to rapidly locate and evaluate datasets relevant to the study of Miocene climate change.