7th DeepMIP meeting

EGU24 in Vienna
Tuesday 16th April in Room 2.43
14:00 to 17:45
Schedule (last updated 15/04/24; 2pm)

2.002.15Gordon Inglis (welcome, and DeepMIP-Eocene Phase 1 data perspective)
2.152.25Seb Steinig (DeepMIP-Eocene Phase 1 model perspective)
2.252.40Yurui Zhang (Large-scale Ocean Circulation from DeepMIP-Eocene)
2.402.55Ayako Abe-Ouchi (Influence of orbital parameters on deeptime high latitude climate)
2.553.10David Evans (The temperature of the deep ocean is a robust proxy for global mean surface temperature during the Cenozoic)
3.103.20Seb Steinig (Cloud feedbacks / HadGEM3 / database)
3.203.35David Hutchinson (Modelled BIOME4 vegetation outputs forced by DeepMIP simulations)
3.353.45James Rae (Spicy vs Minty: dynamic deep water sources in warmer worlds)
4.154.30Piret Plink-Bjorklund (The Early Paleogene: A Glimpse of an Extremely Warm World from global terrestrial proxy analyses)
4.305.45Small group discussions on DeepMIP-Eocene Phase 2

6th DeepMIP meeting

All DeepMIP members
2nd September 2020, held online.
Meeting Materials

5th DeepMIP meeting

AGU conference session chaired by DeepMIP
9th-13th December 2019, AGU San Francisco, USA
The Early Eocene and PETM

4th DeepMIP meeting

Marine Proxy Working Group
3rd September 2019, ICP 13, Sydney, Australia.
ICP13 Workshops
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3rd DeepMIP meeting

All DeepMIP members
4th – 6th July 2018, Bristol, UK
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2nd DeepMIP meeting

Marine Proxy Working Group
28th August 2016, ICP, Utrecht, Netherlands
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1st DeepMIP meeting

All DeepMIP members
14th-15th January 2016, NCAR, Boulder, Colorado, USA
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