Working Groups

DeepMIP has a very strong bottom-up component, with individual researchers using the DeepMIP framework to leverage funds, and to guide the direction of the group.  However, there is some coordination of efforts.

DeepMIP is organised into working groups, which will are overseen by the Steering Committee.

Working groups have initially been set up for palaeogeographies, marine data, terrestrial data, carbon cycle, and modelling.  Other working groups may emerge over time.  The working groups ensure, for example, that methodologies are consistent across proxies, and across models.

Each working group has two or more overall coordinators, who will liaise with the Steering Committee, plus perhaps individuals leading specific efforts (e.g. for each proxy within the marine data working group).   All working groups will have at least one modeller and one data person involved.

Details, Membership, and Tasks of the Working Groups

Model working group